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Repairs to Pair of Library Globes on Stands

The objects requiring attention were a pair of early 19th century globes on stands by J & W Cary.
The globes being celestial and terrestrial and the stands stamped J & W Cary 1818

The globes were presented with extensive damage to the both globes
with substantial restoration also needed to the stands.

The globes showing extensive damage
The damage is clearly visible with extensive loss of gesso, globe being held together by tape with stands also in a state of disrepair

The papier mache required attention

Then appication and repairs to the damaged gesso on the face of the globes

Cleaning the globes
Then the painstaking cleaning begins

Same area before and after initial cleaning

Area on globe after cleaning

The finished article

These Pair of Globes on stands were fully restored by
RSM Antique Restorations of Blackpool


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